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Used Golf Clubs

Used Golf Clubs in Pleasanton, CA

When you are first starting off playing golf, you don’t want to go out and purchase a new golf set until you are sure you are committed to the game. Picking up a set of used golf clubs will allow you to play the game for a while, giving you time to determine if you want to continue with it or not. By purchasing used golf clubs, you won’t be spending too much on a new set, leaving your money for other golf equipment!

Typically, a set of golf clubs is composed of different clubs in order to help the player have a better stroke depending on the type of shot they may be faced with. Wood golf clubs are the ones that will hit the ball the farthest – anywhere from 200 – 350 yards. These clubs used to be made of wood, now they are made of metals.

Irons are another type of golf clubs where the heads are made of metal. These are used to hit the ball fewer than 200 yards. Hybrid golf clubs are a cross between woods and irons, where the face of the club is similar to an iron and the head is rounded like a wood club.

Another type of club is a wedge. This is used to strike the ball and make it fly into the air. The final golf club in a set is that putter. These are the clubs that get the most use as it is used to roll the ball along.

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